Candy Coated Strawberries In Pretty Colors

I made these for a baby shower for twins.  My friend had a boy and a girl.

Wilton makes several different colors for coating.  I still like milk chocolate the best, but love the colors for special occasions and for fun.


fresh strawberries

color candy melts


Rinse strawberries and place on paper towels to dry completely.  Melt candy buttons in the microwave until smooth, stirring every 15 seconds.  Dip strawberries in melted candy and place on wax paper until set.  Drizzle with additional melted candy coating with a fork or place in a plastic Ziploc bag and snip the end and drizzle each strawberry separately. Let set on wax paper.  Serve the same day.

In California we could ask for fresh picked strawberries with the stem.  They were huge and delicious.  Here in Idaho, I just cross my fingers for a nice basket at the market.  I actually grew up on Strawberry Place.  It used to be a popular strawberry patch.  The valley had several beautiful strawberry fields.

Rinse strawberries and place on paper towels to dry completely

I use Wilton candy melts

Melt candy in the microwave until smooth, stirring every 15 seconds

Dip strawberries in the candy and let excess drip off

Place on wax paper until set

Drizzle with additional candy coating.  I like to use a fork and wipe out an entire batch fast.  You may put the coating in a Ziploc bag, snip the end and beautifully coat each strawberry.

Keep on wax paper until set

Serve by themselves or top a dessert with these beauties!

I hope the deers don’t get in my strawberry patch this year.


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