Wash, peel and chop raw onions

Measure desired amount into freezer bags and express out air.  Store in freezer up to 6 months.


I like to measure 1/2 cup and place in snack size zip loc bags and place multiple bags in one large freezer bag.

When harvesting my red, white or yellow onions, I remove them from the ground and place them on the dirt to warm in the sun for the day.

My trick to keep my eyes from tears or burning, is to keep my mouth shut while chopping onions.

Red Onion

White Onion

Remember to label freezer bags with the date.

This saves me time and money.

Note:  I store my whole onions in a pair of pantyhose.  I learned this from my friend Adam at work.  His mom always did this and it works. I do not wash the onion, but get as much dirt off of it and cut the top off leaving a short stub.  I place one onion into the leg of the pantyhose and tie a knot.  Continue until the entire leg is full and knotted between each onion.  When I need an onion, I snip a section open and remove the onion, keeping all the rest intact.  This keeps the onions separate from each other and well ventilated. I hang them up in a dry area that is well vented and does not get hot.  I can enjoy my onions from my garden all winter this way.

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