I had made some sock snowmen and they needed some trees in the background.

 I found this easy and inexpensive way to make some Wire Christmas Trees.

Supplies needed

Styrofoam cone (I used 3-7/8 in X 8-7/8 in)

aluminum floral wire (any color)

wire cutters


Wrap the wire around the cone with the plastic cover still on it.  Wrap from the bottom to the top.  For a fuller appearance, wrap back down the cone and then snip off the end.  You can shape the trees easily by bending the wire to keep the tree straight or tilted.  For smaller trees, just wrap the top half of the cone.

Larger trees wrap the entire cone.  For a fuller tree, wrap back down the cone and then snip off the end.

Keep trees straight or tilting by simply bending the wire.

I love the new version of the sock snowman.  Much cuter than the ones we made back in the 1980’s.

I followed this blog for the snowmen if you are interested.


Here are some more that I made.

Merry Crafting!

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